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Mum and Son Have House Set Ablaze by Exploding Ecigarette


Read more: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/1520931/mum-and-son-have-lucky-escape-when-an-e-cigarette-exploded-and-sparked-a-fire-despite-being-unplugged/

British mum Jill Oswald got the fright of her life when her ecigarette exploded and caused a fire, despite not being plugged in.

The exploding ecig left Jill and her young son running for their lives and trying to put out the inferno the explosion caused.


Jill was watching television with her 8 year old son Aydin when the explosion occurred. Startled by the load band, Jill rushed to put out the flames and wasn’t sure what caused the explosion. Fire crews later informed her that the blast was caused by her ecig.


Jill was particularly worried because her ecig wasn’t even plugged in when the blast occurred.


“It could have been very different had my boy been standing there” Jill said, adding “had we not been there, there could have been a major fire”.


43 year old Jill said that Aydin was watching TV in the bedroom at around 11:40pm on Wednesday evening. She could see sparks and fire from the bedroom and rushed in to try and placate the fire.


“My main concern was that there was an electrical cable running next to the flames” the quick thinking mum said.


Jill’s quick thinking and fast actions prevented the fire from becoming even worse, local firefighters said.


Ecigarette review site Vapehut commented on the story, saying “battery safety and maintenance is important for ecigs. Many lower quality models can be dangerous in this way, so we always recommend buying known brands from reputable dealers.”

New Study Finds More Evidence of Ecig Dangers

Though many insist that electronic cigarettes are much safer than tobacco products, some academic researchers are recommending extreme caution in adopting the new technologies.


In the latest study to come out, the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab at Berkeley University California have attempted to identify more potentially harmful chemicals in ecigarette vapour.


Propylene gycol and glycercine, previously thought to be harmless, appear to change when heated, which can release dozens of harmful chemicals, including formaldehyde.


They also reported that variables such as the temperature at which the vapour produced as well as the age of the ecigarette can have a large effect on these emissions.


The study is said to be very useful for the FDA, who are going to start regulating e-cigarettes on August the 8th and the researchers hope that their findings will help ecigarette manufacturers create safer products.


The research team have said that, while ecigs are a healthier alternative to smoking for smokers who struggle to quit, non-smokers should avoid ecigs. “Regular cigarette are super unhealthy- ecigarettes are just unhealthy” one researcher put it.


Source: http://wtop.com/health/2016/07/study-lays-new-evidence-e-cigarette-dangers/

Vertex Unviels New V2 Ecig with Touchscreen Technology


The V2 organization revealed another e-cigarette show early today called the VERTX. I have no clue how that word is purported yet the gadget offers various one of a kind elements. For one, it's the main small scale e-cig available with a touchscreen. Clients can undoubtedly alter both the warming component's voltage - from 3.5V to 4.5V - and the gadget's LED pointers basically by swiping over the VERTX's face. 


Besides, offers a much more effective warming component than what you'll discover in correspondingly measured e-cigs. The organization's official statement touts three times the same number of puffs per cartridge as past V2 models or the PAX Juul, its essential rival. The 420mAh lithium-particle battery guarantees "greater mists and better battery life" so you'll have the capacity to truly indicate everybody in the café that you're enormous into vaping. What's more, keep it up for quite a long time. 


The VERTX presently depends on pre-filled cartridges that fit properly utilizing the otherworldly powers of magnets. Be that as it may, clear cartridges will be made accessible not long from now permitting clients to fill them with whatever e-fluid they pick (fingers crossed for hash oil). 


The gadget will come in two assortments: the $90 VERTX Plus, which has the touchscreen, and the $50 just VERTX, which does not.


They're right now just accessible through the V2 site however they'll be taking off to choose retailers in the coming months.


source: https://www.engadget.com/2016/07/27/vertx-e-cigarette-touchscreen 

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